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Student and E-books Page

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Videos and E-Books




You can find class videos and e-books linked below.

E-books must be viewed with a tablet or smart phone with an e-reader such as i-Books.

After opening the link, you may have to tap the "arrow" to download the video for viewing.



Title  Date Posted  Brief Description 














Date Posted
Brief Description
This Is The Way We Wash Our Hands
An e-book showing the instructions for washing our hands at preschool! Must have smart phone or tablet to view!
Morning Greetings (e-book)  11/12/14  You must view the e-book on a tablet or smart phone with a e-reader. Be sure to tap the arrow to download the e-book. 
Morning Greeting (video)   11/12/14  A video sharing our morning greeting! (Be sure to click or tap on the arrow to download the video.)
Parts of a Flower (Explain Everything video)  05/21/15  An explain everything book made by the students telling the parts of a flower.  



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